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Pornography vs. the Gospel


Did you know that 71% of men would click on a porn link if no-one else would know?  There are two schools of thoughts about pornography. The first is common, especially in our culture. These people believe that porn isn’t real adultery. After all, the men and women on screen are paid actors, and it’s

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Two Reasons to Read the Old Testament


Between the random judgements passed down by God (like the plague of locusts in Joel), the random rules about sacrifices and cotton/poly blends, and the unending genealogies of people who show up only in genealogies, the Old Testament gets a bad rap. After all, why bother reading about the laws when Jesus came to fulfill

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A Place to “Go”: Foster Park Outreach


At Riv lately, we’ve been promoting a challenge, an invitation to join us by intentionally sharing Jesus with our city.  The strategy is simple: choose one place to go, go there at least one time a month, and connect with one person while there. The goal is to narrow the focus from all the things we could do and become friends with one person

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Your Summer Reading List


It’s summer, and that means time relaxing in the sun, on the beach or at the pool, with a good book in hand. But what book will you be reading while you’re outside, enjoying the rays? Before you reach for 50 Shades of Gray, here are some of Riverview’s recommendations. Some of them are even

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Serving Lansing This Summer with the Compassion Ministry

If you’ve been around Riverview for a while, no doubt you’ve heard about our “Grow, Serve, Go” vision more than once.  Compassion is all about the “go” part of that motto.   When you hear the word “go,” what comes to mind?  It’s a mission trip to Mexico, isn’t it?  Participation in one of those

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