Content Coordinator

Part time position

This role is part of the team responsible for creative content at Riv, including design, video, worship planning, and communications. It is responsible for shepherding creative ideas and helping manage them through the creative process. It requires someone who has a strong desire to help people connect through stories, while also being able to keep track of the details required to bring those stories to life through design, video, photography, social media, and other communications opportunities.

Desired Characteristics

  • Storytelling: A passion for using creative arts to tell the story of the Gospel to help people connect to Jesus and Riv
  • Disciplined: Able to manage multiple complex projects and keep all of the pieces organized and on schedule.
  • Precise: Attention to detail and the tenacity to see projects through to completion, ensuring that nothing gets dropped.
  • Collaborative: Easily collaborate with others and proactively find ways to empower and enable your team to do creative work


  • Exceptional communication, writing, and editing skills
  • Project management experience
  • Fluent with technology, including design, project management, and communications tools
  • Previous experience in a creative environment helpful
  • Ability to jump between administrative tasks and creative planning