Life Groups

Our aim is to live Gospel centered lives that are on mission and in community. We've found a good way to do this is through Life Groups.


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So what is a life group?

A Life Group is a group of 4ish to 20ish people who meet in their homes on a weekly or biweekly basis. We believe that being in community is an essential part of growing in your faith, and a great space to invite friends who are curious about Jesus.

What does it look like to lead a life group?

The first step would be attending a Life Group leader primer, which would give you the basic information about leading and some tips on how to lead well. Secondly, you would join a Life Group as an apprentice leader to become familiar with how Life Groups are carried out. After that, you will be able to start a Life Group of people who live around you. Get in touch with Pastor James Granger at [email protected] for more info, or click the button below.


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I'm interested in leading

What do we talk about in life groups?

Life Groups typically discuss the message notes that are provided by Riverview, however, they have the freedom to study other content, such as Bible studies or book studies.

Why should I join a life group?

We believe that living interconnected lives in a way that fosters spiritual progress is vitally important for everyone who desires to follow Christ. And since the kind of life-connections we need normally don’t happen casually, we need to be intentional about creating an environment where we can do life together in a meaningful way.

I'm still just checking out church, can I join?

Absolutely. Our Life Groups are open to everyone regardless of where they are in their journey with Jesus. Feel free to come as you are and ask any questions you may have.

Do I need to know certain things about the Bible to join?

Life Groups are not made up of people who “know enough”, but of people who have committed themselves to Jesus and growing in their faith. Your Life Group will be committed to opening the Bible with you, helping you grow, and praying for you.

How do I pick a life group?

We make that really easy for you. We find the Life Group that meets closest to where you live and plug you in to that one. This helps you build relationships with those who live around you, while also making Life Group an easy place for you to attend.

Are life groups put together by relationship status?

We actually build our Life Groups so that all different kinds of people (single, married, retired, with and without kids) do community together. We’ve found by research and experience that this is the best (even if not the fastest) path to authentic community. Ideally, although not guaranteed, your Life Group would have a few other people in your same life situation, and also some other folks in different places in life.

What if I don't feel like I mesh with my life group?

It is common to feel like you may not fit in your Life Group due to the fact that we most likely placed you in one not of similar life stages, but of close geography. We feel that there is great value in people in multiple stages of life interacting with one another in Life Groups. We suggest staying in your Life Group for 3-4 meetings before making a decision to try another group.

Is a life group the same thing as a bible study?

At Riverview, we encourage everyone to be involved in a Life Group. Bible study is an integral part of Life Group meetings, however, we understand that many people may want a group that only focuses on studying the Bible. While we don’t directly place people in Bible studies, we encourage Bible studies to form out of pre-existing Life Groups.

What if I need to miss a meeting or two?

We understand that life happens. Try your best to attend as many of your Life Group meetings as you can. If you know for sure you are not able to be at a meeting, letting your Life Group leader know in advance would be helpful.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely. Different Life Groups have different amounts of kids at various ages. Life Groups have the freedom to figure out what works best for their groups. Some Life Groups have childcare that is provided by a babysitter at the Life Group, while others may choose something different. Either way, children are a blessing and would not hinder you from being a part of a Life Group at Riverview.