06.07.20 | Scattered Series

Suffering for the Gospel

Noel Heikkinen

Peter 4:1 -11

At riv, we invite everyone to know and enjoy Jesus as we stumble together in our pursuit to love like Him.

05.22.22 | Of The Spirit Series

Made Whole Again

We are refocusing our mission and values as a church and inviting you to stumble along with us in this together.

We all have our own life experiences; some within the church, some new to the church, and some hurt by the church. We each have our own family makeup; whether chosen, born into, painful, or life-giving. We all have our own hopes lifting us up and baggage pulling us down, and together, with all of that uniqueness, we are the riv fam. But what are our defining characteristics as a church family?

We are not a perfect group of people, but we hope to point to Jesus, who is perfect. As we look to Him, we have the opportunity to live in our community with the same love that He gives to us. So let’s take a look inward and ask some big questions

  • How have we failed to love like Jesus?
  • How might we grow together as we seek to know Jesus more?
  • As we stumble through life, how can we care for this church family around us?

With a desire to love like Jesus and live out gospel-motivated lives, we are refocusing our mission and values as a church and inviting you to stumble along with us together. As we look to the next generation, we have a loving, selfless, always present, and ever caring example in Jesus; let’s be that in our community.

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05.22.22 | Of The Spirit

Made Whole Again

As Christ followers, we care called to pursue peace and build one another up. How do you pursue peace in your speech, thoughts, and actions? Pastor Young Yi reminds us that because…

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