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Database Manager & Website Development

Part time position
This role as a Database Manager at Riverview Church involves overseeing, optimizing, and securing the church’s database systems while providing critical support to various ministries through timely communication, training, and the seamless integration of software platforms. The position encompasses database management, Planning Center coordination, website development, and general IT support, all crucial in ensuring efficient and impactful operations within the church’s technological ecosystem.


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The Cadillac Room Venue Staff

Contract basis
We’re looking for someone with a spirit of hospitality to be onsite at The Cadillac Room during events. This person is the face of The Cadillac Room during events: preparing coffee, providing direction and guidance to guests, and dealing with any venue/facilities related issues that may arise. This person should be assertive and comfortable with enforcing The Cadillac Room policies with clients, vendors, and guests. This is an as-needed position dependent on the events scheduled at The Cadillac Room. Shifts are primarily Fridays and Saturdays. For more information and to apply, email a resume and any relevant experience to [email protected].



Riv is hiring groundskeepers for the 2024 season. We are looking for people to help with mowing, trimming, weeding, and other landscape maintenance tasks. This is a seasonal job that lasts from April-November (negotiable). Contact Caleb Chapman at [email protected].