Getting married? Dealing with the loss of a loved one? Looking for someone to talk to? Let us help.

Community is essential to our lives. Whether we’re “doing okay” right now or not, God didn’t design us to live apart from others; we need each other. As believers, we’re called to help each other through all seasons of life by listening, sharing the truth of Scripture as it speaks into our current life experiences, and reminding those around us of the hope found in God’s promises. A Riv, we have teams of people waiting to walk through life with you and point you to the Gospel.

Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? We’d love to start the conversation with you.

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Side by Side Care

Our Care Team is available for anyone experiencing a challenging situation or season of life. Reach out to get matched with a care giver and talk about what’s going on.

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Getting Married

Whether we officiate your wedding or not, you are welcome to take part in Riv’s pre-marriage mentoring program.

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Riverview is available to be of service to our members and their families when a loved one has passed away.

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Our Prayer Team exists to cover the Riv family in prayer, giving thanks in all circumstances and bringing our requests to God. At Riv, we have a weekly email that goes out with requests and praises received from all of our venues.

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Couple to Couple

Let’s be real, marriage is tough and going it alone can be even more challenging. We partner couples together to look at how they can grow in their marriage, seek out biblical wisdom, and ultimately reflect the Gospel to themselves and their spouse.

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Divorce Recovery

Riverview offers support groups dedicated to the growth and recovery of men and women living through the pain and stress of separation and/or divorce. The groups follow the Divorce Care Guided Discussions.

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You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. GriefShare is led by people from Riv who understand what you are going through and want to help.

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Marriage Enrichment

Our Marriage Enrichment Class offers encouragement and creates a safe space for couples to grow together.


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We partner newly engaged couples with mentor couples to guide them through our pre-marriage program. If you’re interested in serving as a mentor couple, click below to get started.

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Side by Side Care

Riv provides 50 hours of training to equip our Side by Side Care team with the listening and care skills necessary to meet others where they are and point them to the Gospel.

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Prayer Team

Join our prayer team to receive weekly email updates with prayer requests and praise from the Riv fam.

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