Side by Side Care

We all go through tough times; you don’t need to figure it out alone.

We’re here to help and walk alongside you through life’s tough seasons.



Regardless of how someone else’s life looks, it’s a good reminder that we each have our own baggage that we carry through life. No one is perfect, and we’re each figuring out how to navigate life’s challenges as we go. The beauty of the Gospel is that we don’t have to clean ourselves up, but rather have a perfect, suffering servant in Jesus.

When life comes at you with difficult and challenging times, sometimes it feels like there’s no one to turn to for clarity or help. We’ve found that having a trusted individual to process through things is really beneficial, yet sometimes hard to find naturally in our social circles.

We are here to walk alongside you through what you’re facing and provide a listening ear to your unique situation. By reaching out to our care team, we’ll match you with a trained care giver who you’ll be able to meet with and process through your situation together. Meetings can be online, over the phone, or in-person, and remain confidential.

We’re not perfect, not pastors, and not counselors, but we want to help you through what you’re facing and point you to the consistent, reliable, and faithful truth found in the Gospel of Jesus. We all go through tough times; you don’t need to figure it out alone.

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We’re always looking for more care givers to join our care team at Riv. You don’t need to be a counselor, or a professional, we just ask that you have a desire to listen and care for others within our church family.
Carry one another’s burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. – Galatians 6:2
You’re not perfect and we’re not looking for perfect people. Your role is to encourage others in finding a reliance on Christ, who is the steady force in life. You must be willing to spend time with someone else and live out the Gospel to those around you.
We’ll provide you with a thorough training and equip you to listen and lead well as you enter into caregiving situations.

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