RivKids Service Lead

Part time position

This staff person will be the on-site staff lead of the RivKids ministry during the weekend service at each individual venue. They will arrive before services to set up classrooms and registration space, they will oversee volunteers during the service, and will properly close up the service with necessary protocols. Their job will be to ensure that our RivKids ministry is carried out by leading our volunteer team and making any decisions that need to be made by staff on a given weekend (closing classrooms, volunteer support, etc.).


Desired Characteristics:

  • Personable
  • Teachable
  • Friendly
  • Problem-Solver

Skills Needed:

  • Train new RivKids volunteers according to guidelines and procedures
  • Ability to work closely with registration and classroom RivKids volunteers in oversight of RivKids programming
  • Possess a general knowledge of RivKids ministry and ability to problem solve
  • Familiarity with RivKids technology and its usage during RivKids programming
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