May 21, 2023

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May 14, 2023

Thanks for joining us today at Riv! Check out the links above to stay connected with what’s going on.

REO Town Venue RivKids Operations Lead

Part time position, 10 hours/weekly
This person would be responsible for recruiting, scheduling, training, and caring for REO Town Venue RivKids Volunteers. This person also serves as the RivKids Lead during weekend services.

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Communications Coordinator

Part-time, 20 hours/weekly
Responsible for managing all communication channels, including email, social media, and the church’s website. They will work closely with ministry leaders to develop and execute communication strategies, maintain the church’s “voice,” and promote events and ministries through various channels. The coordinator will also provide coaching and training to ministry leaders on best communication practices and ensure that all communication is in line with the church’s mission and values.

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Music Producer

Part-time or Full-time Position Available
Supports Riv bands as well as local musicians throughout the music production process by coming alongside and assisting in the execution and development of their sonic vision in the following ways
Music Production which includes assisting musicians in song-writing, arranging, initial sonic production, demo production, and developing multi-tracks for live use.
Recording Engineering of recording studio and live recordings, mixing for various mediums, and mastering.

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Content Strategist

Full-time Position
Riv’s Content Strategist is responsible for ensuring a consistent vision, voice, and brand across platforms and venues. They focus on big-picture projects and empower staff and volunteers to participate in creative work while maintaining high attention to detail, organization, and consistency. The role involves overseeing weekend service creative elements, project and team management, being a brand ambassador, and managing social media and web presence.

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