Jul 23, 2023

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July 23, 2023

Thanks for joining us today at Riv! Check out the links above to stay connected with what’s going on.

We are launching a new series next week called Testify. We’re doing something we don’t usually do, which is to tell you about it ahead of time because there will be an opportunity for the Riv family to participate by sharing your story of coming to know Jesus.

We call those stories testimonies, and not only are they a powerful example of how God has been good to us, but they can also inspire and help others who may not yet know Jesus. So, during the next series, we’re going to learn how to share our story.

In fact, we’ll be inviting all of you to share a short 30-second version of your story on video. We’ll provide more instructions on that next week, but we want you to know now so you can be thinking about a) what life was like before you met Jesus, b) how you came to accept Jesus as your savior, and c) how it has changed your life.

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