Nov 26, 2023

Live Stream

November 26, 2023

Thanks for joining us today at Riv! Check out the links above to stay connected with what’s going on.

Riv is collecting very specific items to fill gift bags to give to each person at the Ingham County Jail over Christmas. This is a beautiful way to involve everyone at Riv in bringing God’s light to a very dark place during this season.

– There are very specific items that can be donated, so there is an Amazon gift list available at

– items ordered from the Amazon Gift List will automatically send those items directly to us. You don’t have to drop off anything at our venues, but we do need items delivered by Sunday, Dec. 3.

– Our Student Ministry teens are writing Scripture on the gift bags, and then the RivKids are decorating those gift bags before we place those items into the bags for delivery to the jail.

– Our prison ministry team will deliver the gifts to the jail.

– Visit to see the Amazon wishlist and help bring God’s love into a really challenging season for some in our community.

We also have an opportunity to provide gift cards for gas and groceries this season to those in need. Feel free to drop off gas and grocery gift cards at the Info Centers, this weekend and throughout the season!

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