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Part 10 – Colossians 4:2-6


Colossians 4:2-6


Most of Paul’s letter thus far has been focused inward, addressing issues of division and disagreement within the Colossian church. This section is focused outward, with the emphasis on proclaiming the truth of Jesus to those who are “outsiders” in the faith. Ultimately, Paul’s motivation for spending so much time pleading for unity among the Colossian saints is that they would be able to expand their Gospel outreach. He wants them to set aside the various distractions so they can be intentional and Christ-centered in prayer, the way they live, and their manner of speech.

The first step in the effort to reach people with the message of Jesus is prayer. Paul first asks for prayer for God to open a door so they (Paul and Timothy) would be able to “speak the mystery of Christ.” It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that a person comes to faith in Jesus, so it makes sense that Paul would make this plea for prayer. Paul also asks for prayer for their declaration of the Gospel to be clear. Again, the outcome of any Gospel conversation is completely dependent on God’s wisdom and timing, which Paul knows as well as anyone since he spent most of his adult life as a preacher. His appeal is for the Colossians to rediscover their heart for Jesus by being steadfast, watchful, and thankful in prayer.

Paul then gives the Colossians instruction about interacting with those outside the faith. He tells them it’s important how they walk, and it’s important how they speak. Your walk (the way you live) ought to be filled with wisdom. Don’t waste time. Be intentional about how you live your life. Your speech (the words you say) should be flavored with grace, and you should consider the perspective of the other person in the conversation.

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To Consider

  • What is your strategy and practice when it comes to praying for the mission of the church to reach non-believers?
  • Are you confident in your ability to share the Gospel with someone if you are asked? Have you had any opportunities recently to do so? What could you do to increase your confidence in this area?
  • Is your speech always gracious? Do you work hard to understand the other person’s perspective? How can you grow in this area of your life?
  • To Do

    Make a list of people you interact with on a regular basis who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus. Pray for these folks each day this week, that God will open a door for you (or someone else) to declare Christ to them in a clear and engaging manner. Ask a friend to help increase your confidence by rehearsing in advance some of the conversations you hope to have with those who don’t yet know Jesus.