God's Story of Advent

We celebrate Advent to remember when Jesus first came to earth as God’s promised rescuer.

Advent is a season leading up to Christmas. The word Advent comes from the Latin word, “adventus,” which means coming. When we celebrate Advent, we are celebrating Jesus coming to Earth as a baby, and we are reminding ourselves of Jesusʼ promise to come back in the future.

This book has been written at a 9-12 year old level and is meant to be read together as a family. It is a tool to guide you and your child(ren) through the Advent season. The intent is for parents and/or caretakers to read it with your child(ren) and grow in your love for the Lord and for each other as you learn about Advent together. Each day there is a reading from Scripture, a devotional, a few discussion questions, and an activity for you to do together. Our goal was to write as straightforward as possible while also providing a robust view of God’s Advent story.

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The book

You can grab a book in person at any of our venues, or you can check out the pdf version here

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