REO Town service is cancelled October 3, 2021

REO Town service is cancelled this weekend due to facilities issues. Our REO Town Block party will be moved to Sunday, October 17. Read More

Gospel Assurance and Faithful Obedience

Now Jericho was strongly fortified because of the Israelites—no one leaving or entering. JOSHUA 6:1 Before the men fell asleep, she went up on… Read More

Step One

Over the past year, we’ve all gone through innumerable changes and challenges in our lives. Missed birthdays, cancelled plans, disappointing decisions, lost loved ones, and… Read More

Appreciate The Process

The process of sanctification that we’re in may be long and slow, but it is not accidental. Are you taking the opportunity to be… Read More

Accept God’s Gifts

Is it difficult for you to accept the generosity of others? Pastor Tony Pyle reminds us of the gift we have received in Christ… Read More

Accept God’s Love

Have you taken time lately to think about and rest in the reality that you are both fully known and fully loved by God?… Read More

Share Your Burdens

Do you find it easier to give help rather than receive it? Pastor James Granger reminds us that sometimes the way God provides for… Read More

Righteous In Christ

TJ Auten, Riv’s Student Ministries Director, reminds us that through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He has cleansed us of our sin and dubbed us… Read More

Depend On Jesus

As followers of Jesus, we are justified before God. That means that we are seen as righteous before God because of Jesus and His… Read More

Praying and Adapting

With each announcement that’s published and each week we progress through this year, there have been, and continue to be, unique hardships that… Read More