Database Manager / Web Developer

Part time position

This role as a Database Manager at Riverview Church involves overseeing, optimizing, and securing the church’s database systems while providing critical support to various ministries through timely communication, training, and the seamless integration of software platforms. The position encompasses database management, Planning Center coordination, website development, and general IT support, all crucial in ensuring efficient and impactful operations within the church’s technological ecosystem.

Desired Characteristics:

  • Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Ability to navigate evolving technological landscapes and troubleshoot issues efficiently, adapting to new software and tools as needed.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with diverse teams, translate technical jargon for non-technical staff, and collaborate with various ministries.
  • Attention to Detail and Organization: Meticulousness in maintaining accurate databases, ensuring data integrity, and organizing systems efficiently to support streamlined operations.
  • Commitment to Confidentiality and Integrity: Dedication to maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information within the church’s databases and systems while upholding ethical standards.

Skills Needed:

  • Database Management: Proficiency in managing database systems such as ChMS (Church Management Software), SQL knowledge for creating custom views and procedures, and ensuring data security.
  • Software Integration and Development: Ability to integrate systems, develop websites using PHP, Java, or other languages, and leverage Azure Power Apps for data and workflow integration.
  • IT Support and Training: Experience providing IT support, training staff on various software platforms (Asana, Google Workspace, Slack, etc.), and ensuring their proficient utilization in ministry roles.
  • Problem Diagnosis and Resolution: Skill in diagnosing database issues, optimizing performance, and implementing solutions to enhance system functionality and user experience.
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