Feb 04, 2024

Live Stream

February 4, 2024

Thanks for joining us today at Riv! Check out the links above to stay connected with what’s going on.

At Riv, we have teams of people waiting to walk through life with you and point you to the Gospel.

– GriefShare – a place to share, pray, and unpack experiences and feelings brought on by the loss of a loved one

– DivorceCare – with separate groups for men and women, we offer support groups dedicated to growth and recovery during separation and/or divorce

– Side by Side – walk with another through a difficult season of life, leaning into our perfect Savior as you process your unique situation with a trusted and confidential servant caregiver.

Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? We’d love to start the conversation with you. Visit rivchurch.com/care for more information and to get connected.

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