Mar 10, 2024

Live Notes

We partner with Rebuilding Together, a local non-profit, to serve our community in enhancing homes for low-income families who may be facing physical or financial barriers to making necessary repairs. Volunteers over the age of 15 help make those repairs, assist with yard work and cleaning, and other essential tasks that ensure all families have safe and healthy living conditions.
– Our workday is Saturday, April 27.
– We need you to sign up by April 1 so Rebuilding Together can assign us a project based on our skillset.
– once we know what our project is, we will contact those who have volunteered with specific details on where to meet and what to bring.
– Sign up at and let us know what skills you have or what you’d like to help with. No experience is necessary, no major trade skills are required – just a servant heart to help those in need around us.

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