06.07.20 | Scattered Series

Suffering for the Gospel

Noel Heikkinen

Peter 4:1 -11

Ben Newman

Director of Care Ministries

Image of Ben Newman

What do you do here at Riv?

I am the director of care ministries.

What does it look like to be a director of care at Riv?

I will be doing initial triage for those in need of care, followed by finding the right internal care ministry for them to get plugged into or care provider outside of Riv if the need is beyond what we can accommodate. I will also be working with and training our care ministry leaders to ensure they are fully supported and equipped to provide the best care and training possible.

What are some dreams you have within this role?

To have all our care ministries fully staffed with men and women who have a passion for being the hands and feet of Jesus. We currently have great leaders, I just want to make sure we have enough to meet the needs of our congregation without leaders feeling the burden of doing more than they were expecting or feel comfortable with. I also look forward to meeting with RivCommunity leaders and building them up in their role as ‘first responders’ for care within their groups.

How do you spend your free time?

Primarily doing things with my wife and four kids. I love sports, so my favorite is when we can do something together that’s active and/or outside.

Listening to any good podcasts?

Unfortunately, no. I’m taking online classes, so all my ‘listening’ time gets taken up with lectures by Ed Welch or David Powlison, which is not a bad thing at all. I think the last podcast I listened to was last summer when I binged the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, which I found fascinating.

What’s your favorite spot in Lansing?

Meat if we’re talking Lansing proper.
Spartan Stadium/MSU campus if we’re talking the greater Lansing area.