At Riv, we are led by a team of pastors that include everything from full-time employees to volunteers. Some work with one specific venue and others work with them all. As a team, they share the responsibility and burden of leading the church in our city.

Image for James Granger

AREAS OF FOCUS: life groups and holt venue

Pastor James Granger

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Image for Justin Detmers

AREAS OF FOCUS: REO town venue

Pastor Justin Detmers

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Image for Tony Pyle

AREAS OF FOCUS: westside venue

Pastor Tony Pyle

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Image for Young Yi


Pastor Young Yi

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Image for Noel Heikkinen

AREAS OF FOCUS: teaching and church planting

Pastor Noel Heikkinen

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Image for Steve Sommerlot

AREAS OF FOCUS: westside venue

Pastor Steve Sommerlot

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Image for Greg Van Nada

AREAS OF FOCUS: Leadership Development

Pastor Greg Van Nada

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Image for Mark Brett

AREAS OF FOCUS: strategy and operations

Pastor Mark Brett

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Directors are men and women of deacon-level character that lead in significant areas of ministry at Riv. Many of them serve centralized functions that impact the entire church and others work with a specific venue. A lot of these people volunteer to serve the church, a few raise their own financial support, and others are on staff.

Image for Josh Nunn

AREAS OF FOCUS: Production

Director Josh Nunn

Image for TJ Auten

AREAS OF FOCUS: Student Ministries

Director TJ Auten

Image for Josh Michels

AREAS OF FOCUS: Creative, Communications

Director Josh Michels