06.07.20 | Scattered Series

Suffering for the Gospel

Noel Heikkinen

Peter 4:1 -11

Noel Heikkinen

teaching and church planting

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11.21.21 | From Faith to Faith

Pleased To Be Obligated

One Interesting fact about Noel

I’m a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan, which makes it kinda hard to live in Red Wings country. I’m also a Steelers fan, but most Lions fans are too embarrassed to pick fights with me about that one.

What do you do here at Riv

I work on the big picture vision stuff and do most of the weekend service teaching. I also work with our church planters locally and across the great state of Michigan.

How did you learn about Jesus

I grew up in a Christian home and made a decision for Jesus as a real little kid. Unfortunately, I also lived as an unapologetic hypocrite until I was in college. At that point, I faced a crisis of faith and read through the New Testament for the first time. I was blown away at the Jesus I met on those pages and decided everyone needed to know Him. You can read the longer version of MY STORY on my blog.

Favorite expression

mp < ff p I use it in preaching all the time.

Favorite coffee

Black, half a cup at a time.

You will never see me without

My iPhone and facial hair.

Favorite verse

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. – Galatians 5:1

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