06.07.20 | Scattered Series

Suffering for the Gospel

Noel Heikkinen

Peter 4:1 -11

Ryne Weber


Image of Ryne Weber

One Interesting fact about Ryne

My name is Ryne, not Ryan.

What do you do here at Riv

I am responsible for leading the music ministry at Riv. More specifically, I work to understand where our church and culture are at so that we can best engage in worship through music as a local church body.

How did you learn about Jesus

I started attending a church at around 13 with my family. It was evident to me in that time (with a plethora of familial issues at play) that there was something to this God which was called a father. That time began my search for understanding of just who God says he was and lead directly into the learning of the saving power of Jesus Christ. Since then, different life paths have guided me in knowing our father, the holy spirit, and our savior more deeply.

Favorite expression

Not a big fan of emojis. 😉

Favorite coffee

A pour-over made at home shared with my wife on a Saturday morning.

You will never see me without

A guitar pick that’s gone through the wash 4 or 5 times. Well, you probably won’t see it since its stuffed down in my pocket and I don’t even have any idea it’s there either.

Favorite verse

Aren’t two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s consent.- Matthew 10:29