Part 4 – Colossians 1:21-23


Colossians 1:21-23


As Paul continues through the first part of his letter, he continues to hammer the Colossians with the core Gospel essentials. He begins by reminding them of how far they’ve come in their faith through the power of the resurrection of Jesus. The saints in Colossae, who once were “alienated,” have now been “reconciled” to God.

Jesus came to reconcile.

When a relationship is unreconciled, it means friendship is broken. Something has come between the two people involved. Although Paul is specifically addressing the Christians in Colossae when he says “and you,” the “you” could be referring to any person. Because of our sin, each one of us is unable to be in a relationship with God on our own. The “hostility” in our minds and our propensity for “evil actions” leaves us separated from our Heavenly Father. Paul tells the Colossian church that “once” this was true, but “now” the friendship is restored.

Are you reconciled with God?

Once a person is in Christ, God no longer sees their unrighteousness because Jesus has become righteousness for them. Paul describes a follower of Jesus as “holy,” “blameless,” and “above reproach” in the eyes of God. Paul is heralding the essence of the Gospel; that persons who once walked in the darkness of sin are able to be reconciled to God through Jesus.

Paul finishes this section by urging the Colossians to stay the course in their faith. Remember, Paul wrote this letter to address the theological split that was occurring within the church in Colossae. It’s likely that some members of the church were drifting away from faithful living as they strayed further and further from the core truths of the Gospel. Paul calls upon the church to avoid these false teachings, and to instead choose to be “grounded and steadfast, not shifting” from the hope they have always found in the true Gospel.

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To Consider

  • Are you reconciled to God? If not, what do you think is preventing you from being reconciled to God?
  • If you are a follower of Jesus, what are some words you would use to describe your “former self,” the person you were prior to knowing Jesus? How are you different now?
  • Do you ever find yourself drifting in your faith? How can you remain grounded and steadfast, to avoid shifting in your hope? What part does God’s Word play in helping you to continue in your faith?

To Do

Find a friend and tell them the story of how you were reconciled to God. Then ask them to share their story with you. Thank God for the work of reconciliation He has accomplished in your lives through the blood of Jesus. Pray for one another, that you would be able to remain steadfast in faith and also be able to be ministers who proclaim the Gospel.