We can't wait to see you this weekend!

Hey fam! Whether you’re checking out Riv for the first time, or been around for a while, we’re excited you’re joining us this weekend.


RivKids will not be available on September 5

RivKids is now available for Walkers through 6th Grade! We’ll be encouraging social distancing within our classrooms and masks will be required for all kids three and older.

Open classrooms will vary by weekend (depending on how many volunteers we have available) so please select your venue below to see available RivKids classrooms and to register. Registration opens Thursday at 10am.



Common Questions

What time are in-person services?

  • Holt Venue: 10am
  • REO Town Venue: 10am
  • Westside Venue: 10am
Are masks required?
  • We encourage everyone to follow the CDC
    guidelines related to whether you should be wearing a mask.
Will I need to register if I’m attending service in the Auditorium?
  • No, registration is only required for RivKids.
Will I need to register my kids for RivKids?

  • Yes, registration is required for all kids attending RivKids during a weekend service.
Are my kids required to wear masks?

  • We will still be requiring masks in our RivKids wings
    during services for anyone age 3 and up, including volunteers and staff.