06.07.20 | Scattered Series

Suffering for the Gospel

Noel Heikkinen

Peter 4:1 -11

01.27.19 | Therefore Series

Whatever You Do


When we read the Bible, we see stories about normal people doing extraordinary things; we see wisdom that speaks to the chaos of our world; we see truths that challenge our perspectives and opinions. The Bible stands out as a unique book not only in its diverse compilation of writing styles and authors, but in its power and authority to impact our daily lives.

How then do we respond to the truths we read in Scripture? How do we walk through life in sync with the message of Christ? We must continually look to the Word to find freedom and grace as we daily remember the liberating power of the Gospel.

Jesus stepped into this world with life and peace; therefore, we can walk assuredly in life pointing others to the peace found in Jesus.

As citizens of heaven, live your life worthy of the gospel of Christ, standing firm in one spirit, in one accord, contending together for the faith of the gospel. - Philippians 1:27

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