Sep 22, 2013 |Genesis

The Fall

09.22.13 | Genesis

The Fall

Noel Heikkinen

We sin.

We hide.

We blame.

Jesus saves.

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“In the beginning, God created everything out of nothing, including people (who are unique among creation) and he declared that it was good and exists for his glory.”

Created in the image of God, men and women:

  1. Are spiritual
  2. Have duties and responsibilities over creation
  3. Have distinct roles and responsibilities

Sin is any failure to reflect the image of God in nature, attitude, or action.

Genesis 2:25-3:24

Adam and Eve’s pattern of sin continues to this day:

  1. We sin.

  2. We hide.

  3. We blame.

Two views on the meaning of “Desire” in Genesis 3:16:

“[Desire] reflects an idolatrous longing for something from the man that the woman was created to receive from God alone. The woman wants something from the man that he was never intended to provide, that even on his best day he is not equipped to provide.”

Wendy Alsup

“‘Desire’ [has] the sense of ‘possess,’ ‘control,’ ‘direct,’ or ‘dominate.’ This meaning of ‘desire’ in Genesis 3:16 fits with the sentence as a whole–as the woman’s action finds a reciprocal action from her husband. She desires to possess or control him, and he instead will rule over her.”

Dr. Clare Smith

“In a fallen state, men look at women as potential conquests; women use their sexuality as a form of control and power.”

Dr. Eric MasonManhood Restored

Revelation 22:1-5

The pattern of salvation:

  1. We sin.

  2. We hide.

  3. We blame.

  4. Jesus saves.