Nov 10, 2013 |Genesis

Three Slaves

11.10.13 | Genesis

Three Slaves

Noel Heikkinen

In Genesis chapter 16 we discover that Abram, Sarai and Hagar were all slaves.

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Genesis 16

In Abram and Sarai’s world, there was nothing more important than having kids.

Instead of trusting God, Abram listened to the voice of Sarai and took matters into his own hands.

“There is no such thing as a culture that says you can be whoever you want. Every culture has a definition of barrenness. Every culture says, ‘unless you have that, you’re nobody. You’re nothing. You’re a failure. In traditional cultures, you had to have a family and children…In the modern individualistic culture, the culture is saying to you, ‘You’d better be good looking. You’d better be successful. You’d better be smart. You’d better be popular. You’d better be this. You’d better be that. There has never been a culture that didn’t say, ‘You have to be this, or you’re nothing.”

-Tim Keller

Like Sarai, many of us are a slave to the lie that “if you don’t have [insert idol here], you are worthless.”

Like Abram, many of us are a slave to the lie to the sin of Adam. – 
Genesis 3:6

Like Hagar, many of us have been abused and afflicted.

The Bible is filled with flawed people that God pursues and saves – both them and their victims.

The hero of this story is Jesus.  He is the God who sees you, who looks after you, who saves you.


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