Sep 19, 2021 |From Faith to Faith

A Reasonable Response To Grace

09.19.21 | From Faith to Faith

A Reasonable Response To Grace

Tony Pyle

Romans 12:1-8

A core outworking of believers is serving one another with the gifts God has given us, and doing so with a Christlike humility. Pastor Tony Pyle challenges us to use the unique gifts God has given us to bring Him glory through loving and serving others.

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What is something that you dedicate a lot of your time/effort/finances to?

Read Romans 12:1. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “living sacrifice”? Why do you think that phrase is used to describe our response to the Gospel?

Read Romans 12:4-5. How does the church being described as a body help you understand its purpose? How do we see both diversity and unity in the local church?

Do you serve at Riverview? If so, how does serving impact your faith? If not, where can you plug in?