Oct 03, 2021 |From Faith to Faith

Products of Mercy

10.03.21 | From Faith to Faith

Products of Mercy

Brendan Finnerty

Romans 9:14-21

How do you respond to those around you when they are suffering? As beneficiaries of God’s mercy we are called to share the same grace we have received in Christ. Brendan Finnerty challenges us to look back on our own lives to be reminded of how God has loved us and how we should love others, even if it costs us time, comfort, and emotional energy. When we enter into the suffering of others, we can be an extension of God’s love and mercy to those who are hurting.

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Read Romans 12:14-21. Which of these is most challenging for you? Which are you most encouraged to pursue?

What is humility? How can you foster humility in your own life?

Read Romans 12:1 and take time to think about the mercies of God. Share where God has been most merciful to you.

In what areas of your life can God’s mercy lead you to live out this calling in Romans 12?