Oct 03, 2021 |From Faith to Faith

Conquer Evil With Good

10.03.21 | From Faith to Faith

Conquer Evil With Good

Tony Pyle

Romans 9:14-21

Do you recognize your sin and trust in the salvation Jesus has provided you through His death on the cross? By God’s incredible grace He has redeemed His enemies and made us His friends. Pastor Tony Pyle reminds us that as believers in Christ, His Spirit inside us enables us to obey and trust Him as we reflect to the world that Jesus truly is the Lord of our lives.

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What was your one thing from Romans 12:9-13 last week? Take time to share your answers with your life group.

Read Romans 12:16. What does it look like for a church/life group community to look like this? How can this be pursued within your relationships with other believers?

Read Romans 12:18. Is there a relationship in your life where peace is not present? Is there anything you can do to pursue peace with that person?

What is your one thing from Romans 12:14-21? Commit to confessing it to God and to another Christian this week.