Oct 03, 2021 |From Faith to Faith

Peacemakers In A Hostile Word

10.03.21 | From Faith to Faith

Peacemakers In A Hostile Word

Young Yi

Romans 9:14-21

What makes us, the Church, different than the world? Being a Christian doesn’t inherently make us better people, it is only in Christ that we are made different. Young Yi reminds us that through Christ and His selfless sacrifice on the cross, hostility between us and God has been removed and we are free to follow His ways as we reflect the peace and sacrifice that He showed us to those around us.

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Do you fear persecution for your faith, while living in America? If so, what kind of persecution do you fear? What has been your usual response to “social persecution,” if you’ve experienced this?

Has anyone ever come alongside you and “rejoiced” or “wept” with you in different seasons and moments of your life? If so, share some of those moments with your Life Group.

What are some of the cultural norms you’ve noticed/observed within our church? Do you think people in the Greater Lansing Area would identify Riverview as a church full of peace-making people? Why or why not?

Share a moment in your life where you struggled to trust in the Lord to provide justice in your life. Did you seek revenge/to avenge yourself or someone else in your life?