Nov 01, 2021 |From Faith to Faith

Promoting Peace

11.01.21 | From Faith to Faith

Promoting Peace

James Granger

Romans 14:13-23

Do you find it difficult to yield to others when their opinion is different than yours? It can be challenging to pursue peace when it requires humility. Pastor James Granger encourages us as believers to think about the ways our actions are building up our brothers and sisters in their faith or how they may be creating a stumbling block for them. Through Jesus’ example, we can find freedom in yielding to others out of love.

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As a group, take a few minutes to revisit the teaching and discussion from Romans 14:1-12, which was our baggage from the 10/24 weekend. What are the issues Paul presents, the principles he introduces, and the applications steps we ought to consider?

Read Romans 14:13-15. What are some examples you’ve experienced where your convictions about a debatable matter differed from those of another (multiple other) Christian? How did you handle it?

Paul urges us to use our freedom to choose to yield our weaker brothers and sisters out of love. Why is this difficult? What would prevent us from making these choices?

Do you pursue what promotes peace and build up others? What are some ways you can do more of this?

In Romans 9:33 Paul says that God placed Jesus as a “stone to stumble over.” What does this mean? How is Jesus Himself the only true “stumbling block”?