Oct 10, 2021 |From Faith to Faith

Yeah But…

10.10.21 | From Faith to Faith

Yeah But…

Noel Heikkinen

Romans 13:1-7

Each and every authority that we interact with is under the ultimate authority of God. Do you yield to the authorities in your life with whom you disagree? Pastor Noel Jesse Heikkinen challenges us that as Christians, our default position should not be to rebel, but rather to yield to those we disagree with. Because God is the ultimate authority, submission to human authority is an act of worship.

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What has been your experience with authority? What are some examples of people in authority that you’ve appreciated? How have you experienced frustration with authority?

Read Romans 13:1. What are some of the “yeah but” thoughts that come to your mind when you read Paul’s words?

Based on Romans 13:1-7, how does God use human authority to grow us in holiness?

Do you show respect to those you owe respect, and honor to those you owe honor? How can you grow in this?

What is your overall reaction to the truths found in Romans 13:1-7? How can you speak, think, and live differently in keeping with the posture of submission Paul describes?