Sep 27, 2021 |From Faith to Faith

You Were Called For This

09.27.21 | From Faith to Faith

You Were Called For This

Noel Heikkinen

Romans 12:9-13

We are all incredibly different and unique, and that is to be celebrated! How do you interact with and honor those around you both in the church and in your community? Pastor Noel Jesse Heikkinen challenges us that when we place our faith in Jesus, a switch flips and we have a new calling in life. Love. And because Jesus loved us when we were incredibly unlovable, we love other people even when they are incredibly unlovable.

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Take a few moments as a group to review the first few verses in Romans 12, to provide context for the discussion of Romans 12:9-13. Make sure your group keeps God’s mercies and grace in view as you work your way through today’s passage.

Paul gives a bunch of challenge statements in these 5 verses. Which of these challenges from Paul do you struggle with the most?

Read Romans 12:9. How is the way the world defines what is “evil” and what is “good” different from the way followers of Christ ought to define what is “evil” and what is “good”?

Do you take the lead in honoring others? Are you fervent (“boiling over”) with excitement to serve others? What are some specific actions and attitudes you can take this week that will allow you to “go first in NOT going first”?

Describe the overall impact of Romans 12:9-13 on your heart and mind. Are you encouraged? Convicted? Thankful? How does the example of Jesus impact your response? What next steps are you considering?