Oct 17, 2021 |From Faith to Faith

Keep It Simple

10.17.21 | From Faith to Faith

Keep It Simple

James Granger

Romans 13:8-14

We’re really on this earth for just a short time. While we are still here, our primary purpose ought to be to glorify God through our love for one another. So we need to avoid anything that would distract us from doing that. What are the primary distractions that you face as you aim to glorify God through your love for others? Pastor James walks us through Romans 13:8-14 as we go through our From Faith To Faith series.

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How would you define character? Why is character such an important aspect of our witness as followers of Christ?

Read Romans 13:8-10. How does Agape love (the love in Romans 13) differ from how we tend to view love in our modern-day culture and world?

Read Romans 13:13. Are there areas in your life where you are tempted to “make plans to gratify the flesh?”

Read Romans 13:11-14. What does it look like for you to “put on Christ”? What are some ways you can reflect Jesus in your attitudes and actions throughout the week?